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 Below are pictures of bottles I have, or recently added to my collection as of September 22, 2017



 new bottlesnew bottles  

Wanted Mini Bottles

I need Miniature Liquor Bottles produced or bottled in BangladeshBritish Honduras (the name of Belize before it's independence),  Cameroon, Ceylon (the name of Sri Lanka before it's independence in 1949),  EthiopiaSoviet Kazakhstan Federated Malay States (1895-1946),  Malayan Union (1946-1948),  Sierra Leone,   SumatraTogo,  and Tuvalu.


All 12 of these countries either currently produce miniature liquor bottles, or have produced mini liquor bottles in the past. Please contact me if you ever come across minis from any of these countries.





Wanted - Sierra Leone         

   Sierra Leone

          Wanted - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus       

         Federated States of Malaya



























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