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The Cincinnati metropolitan area has a rich history of Distilleries and Breweries.  Cincinnati, at one time, was considered a major center for Beer production due to its large German heritage.  Unfortunately Prohibition took its toll and most of Cincinnati’s Distilleries and Breweries did not survive once Prohibition ended.


I refer to the entire “Cincinnati Metropolitan Area” because Cincinnati, by itself, is deceptively small; but if you include all of the cities in & around Cincinnati; it is a large metropolitan area.  As an example, Cincinnati is located along the Ohio River in southwestern Ohio.  Just across the Ohio River, is Kentucky with a large number of cities, including the City of Covington which was home to a lot of Distilleries and Breweries.  The Gibson Wine Company was located in Covington. John De Kuyper & Sons has been located in Elmwood Place, Ohio for a very long time.  Elmwood Place is completely surrounded by the City of Cincinnati.  The National Distilleries was in Cincinnati for many years before it was bought out. Part of the facility is still there today, but is now run by Jim Beam.


Ever heard of Meier’s Wine?  Well Meier’s Winery is still located in Silverton, Ohio which is on the northern border of Cincinnati, and is only about 2 miles from where I was born & grew up.  I spent a lot of time at the Meier’s Wine Cellars while I was in College.  It was the place to go then, and its still there today.


Below are pictures of some of my mini bottles from the Cincinnati area.


beer 1