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Nevada Brothels



Last October, Nancy and I celebrated my sister's birthday by taking her on a trip to Las Vegas, and then to Sequoia National Park. While in Las Vegas we hit all the big casinos each night, but during the daylight hours we visited all the National & State parks around that area. After leaving Red Rock Canyon National Park the second day, we were headed up to Spring Mountain National Park when we drove through the small town of Pahrump.



All of a sudden we passed by a place called The Chicken Ranch, and then about 400 meters later was Sheri’s Ranch. I just had to stop in for a look since I had both of these mini decanters represented in my mini bottle collection. Of course, my wife & sister didn’t like this idea much, but they finally agreed, and told me they would be timing me. Wam! Bam! I was in and out quickly with an actual business card from each place, and nothing else happened. (By the way, I liked Sheri’s best)  As it turns out these 2 Brothels are the closest to Las Vegas (only about 45 minutes away). I immediately thought how good it would be to do a series of articles on Captain Dug’s Brothel decanter series.


Included in this article are pictures of the Capt Dugs Brothel decanters associated with the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s ranch. The Mini Brothel Decanter in the center is actually the 5th decanter made and is one of 2 Chicken Ranch Brothel decanters made. This one was first introduced in 1979, and only 1500 were produced.


Pictured below, on the left, is another Chicken Ranch Brothel decanter that was introduced in 1986. This was the 29th Brothel decanter in the series, and only 1500 were produced


The last picture shows the Sherri’s Ranch Decanter that was introduced in 1988. This was the 36th decanter of the Brothel series, and 1500 minis were produced. One interesting fact about this one is the spelling. While the correct name is “Sheri’s”, the decanter front shows “Sherri’s”, and the decanter back shows “Sherry’s”


Hope you enjoyed the pictures in this article. Starting in the next issue, I will have several articles and lots of pictures showing all of the decanters in the Captain Dugs Brothel series, including the seldom seen Prototype decanter of a Brothel Decanter that never made it to production.



     Chicken Ranch         Sherris Ranch


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