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Nevada Brothels #2


Hope you liked the article in the last issue on the Nevada Brothel Bottles. As Paul Harvey, a famous Radio commentator in the US, always says… “Now here is the rest of the story.” Back in the 1960’s, 70’s, and into the 1980’s a man by the name of Dug Picking owned a restaurant in Carson City called Dug’s West Indies. He first got into the miniature decanter business in 1974 when he designed a sailing ship mini bottle decanter for his restaurant. This was an immediate success, and in 1975 he had another ship decanter made which was also a huge success. The story goes that the Owner of the Moonlight Ranch was a frequent customer of the restaurant, and he liked those first 2 mini porcelain ship decanters so much, that he wanted Dug to make a mini decanter of his Moonlight Ranch Brothel. I guess you would say the rest is history. Dug Picking started the Captain Dug’s Brothel Series in 1976. The first decanter was the Moonlight Ranch. I am not sure how much of this story is fact, and how much is fiction, but it sure sounds good! What I do know is Captain Dug produced 46½ decanters in the series. I know your asking yourself how there can be a “Half of a Decanter”, but you will have to wait until the last article to find out the answer!


The 1st decanter was the Moonlight Ranch introduced in 1976. The Moonlight Ranch was located in the town of Moundhouse, Nevada (close to Carson City). Only 1400 decanters were produced. The porcelain decanters contained Grenadier Cream Sherry wine, and had the Ranch’s address embossed in the porcelain on the back. As a matter of fact the first 11 decanters in the series all contained 2 oz of wine. As you might imagine, this is a very hard one to find, and is also one of the more expensive Brothel Series Decanters.



The Shamrock Ranch was the 2nd of the series to be introduced in 1977. The Shamrock was located in Lathrop Wells, Nevada. Only 1200 of these decanters were produced. Like the Moonlight Ranch, this mini decanter also contained Grenadier Cream Sherry Wine. Rather that just indicate the Brothel’s address, this decanter had an actual map embossed in the porcelain on the back of the decanter. All future decanters would have a map showing the location of the individual Ranch embossed in the porcelain on the decanter back. The Lucky Strike Ranch, located in the small town of Mina, Nevada, was the 3rd of the Brothel Series, and was introduced in 1978. 1500 of these decanters were produced, and contained Grenadier Cream Sherry Wine. Next is Billie’s Day-N-Night. Billie’s was also located in Mina, Nevada. It was the 4th of the series to be introduced in 1979. 1500 of these decanters were produced , and was the last to contain Grenadier Cream Sherry Wine.


The 5th decanter of the series was one of the Chicken Ranch Decanters I showed in the last article. The next picture shows Fran’s Ranch, was the 6th decanter in the series, and was introduced in 1979. Fran’s Ranch was located just north of Beatty, Nevada. 1500 of these decanters were produced, and contained Seven Seas Cream Sherry wine. Decanter series numbers 5 through 11 all contained Seven Seas brand California Cream Sherry Wine.


The last decanter in this article is La’Belle. This was the 7th in the Brothel Series and 1500 decanters were introduced in early 1980. La’Belle was located in Lovelock, Nevada.




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