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Nevada Brothels #5


Following up on my article in the last Newsletter, the 31st decanter in the Dug’s Brothel Series is PJ’ Lucky Strike Bar, and is located in Elko, Nevada. 1400 decanters were made, and was introduced in 1987. The next picture shows the Donna’s Bar, and was the 32nd decanter in the series. Located in Wells, Nevada, 1400 decanters were produced in 1987. All of these decanters quickly sold out at all the Liquor Stores and at the Donna’s Bar Ranch. The 33rd decanter in the Series is Inez’s D&D, and was located in Elko, Nevada. 1500 decanters were made, and was also introduced in 1987. I really like the appearance of this decanter, and this was one of the harder ones to find. I have seen this mini sell for between $50 to $250 (USD)!


The next picture shows Simone’s Brothel, and was the 34th decanter in the series. Simone’s was located in Winnemucca, Nevada. 1500 decanters were issued in 1988. The 35th decanter in the series is Joe Comforte’s Triangle River Ranch, and is located at the Mustang Exit in Sparks, Nevada. 1500 decanters were made, and were introduced in 1988.

The Triangle River Ranch is a great looking decanter. I have not seen this one turn up for sale that often. The Triangle River Ranch was originally called the Mustang 2 Ranch. One reason this decanter is harder to find and costs more, is that it was seized by the US Internal Revenue (IRS) in 1991, along with the Mustang Ranch, and many of the decanters were lost. This is another of my favorites.


The 3637th decanter in the series is the Valley of the Dolls, and was located in Amorgossa, Nevada. 1500 decanters were made, and were introduced in 1990. The Valley of the Dolls was the new name of the old Shamrock Ranch after it was sold. The town also changed names around this time from Lathrop to Amorgossa. The back of this decanter is almost as nice as the front. This is a fantastic decanter! The next picture shows the Cherry Patch Ranch, and was the 38th decanter in the series. This Brothel was located near the Crystal, Nevada. 1500 decanters were issued in 1991.


The last picture is Sharon’s Ranch, and was located in Carlin, Nevada. It is the 39th decanter in the series, and was issued in 1991. This is normally one of the most expensive decanters (if you can find it), but mine is one of a kind. It is actually signed by Dug Picking himself! About the time I had gotten hold of most all the decanters in the series, I met a woman who ran a small boutique in Searchlight, Nevada. She had several Dugs Brothel decanters, but not the Sharon’s decanter I needed. As we talked, she picked up the telephone and made a call and asked someone on the other end of the phone if he had an extra Sharon’s decanter. Fortunately he did have one, and said he would get it to her in a few days.. As it turned out, that “Someone” was Dig Picking! Upon further discussion, I found out she knew Dug very well, and he frequently visited her at her store. I then asked her to see if Dug would sign the decanter when he delivered it to her. A few weeks later I received the bottle in the mail, and sure enough, it was signed by Dug Picking.


I will have more Brothel decanters in the next Newsletter.




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