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I know that most all mini bottle collectors have heard of an seen some of the Mr. Lucky Leprechaun miniature decanter bottles issued by the Hoffman Distillery or the Hoffman Collector Club. Unfortunately, both the Distillery and teh Collector club no longer are around. The bottles they produced are still here, & if you are lucky enough to find any, you will have a real treasure.


Recently I met with Ed Wertheimer, the former Hoffman Distillery & club owner. During our conversation, I learned a tremendous amount of information about these mini bottles, & I thought this would be a great way to share this information with other collectors.


This is the first of several articles that will cover all 43 mini bottles issued as part of the Hoffman Originals Mr. Lucky mini decanters.

To start off there were actually 5 separate series, plus a number of special and club mini decanter bottles produced from 1973 to 1989. While full size minis were made of most all the Mr. Lucky decanters, I will only be talking about the Miniatures.


Below is a picture of the six miniature porcelain decanters that make up the Mr. Lucky Series 1.


First, and most famous, is the original Mr. Lucky. 5000 minis were issued in 1973. Also in 1973, 2500 Mr. Harpist minis were issued. In 1974, the remaining 4 mini decanters were introduced. It included Mrs. Lucky, Mr. Cobbler, Mr. Doctor, and Mr. Sandman. There were 2500 Mrs. Lucky & Mr. Cobblers issued, 3000 minis of Mr. Doctors were issued, & 1800 Mr. Sandmans minis were issued.


Notice that the last 2 leprechauns had animals. The Mr. Doctor had a frog, & Mr. Sandman had a rabbit. Irish Folk Lore frequently made mention of several animals, including Rabbits, Frogs, Dogs, Worms, and Chipmunks. With this in mind, the Hoffman Original designers incorporated these animals in the bottle design, and finally settled on a chipmunk as the main animal which would appear on most all their later decanters.


The next Newsletter will cover the Hoffman Original Mr. Lucky Series 2 mini leprechaun decanters





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