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By 1974, the original Hoffman Mr. Lucky series went so well that it was followed by a second series. More and more collectors liked what they saw, and had to have these cute looking mini decanters. In this second series, more animals from Irish Folk Lore were introduced, including the Worm, Dog, Rabbit, and Chipmunk.


Similar to the first series, 6 bottles were done in both the miniature and full size decanters. While the full size decanters had music boxes, the miniatures did not have a music box base.


In 1974 the second series of Mr. Lucky decanters were introduced. First was the Mr. Snake Charmer. 1500 of these mini bottles were made showing a leprechaun charming an orange worm. Next came the sad looking Mr. Fiddler. 1500 decanters were produced showing an equally sad Hound Dog. The last Mr. Lucky decanter introduced in 1974 was the Mr. Dancer bottle. 2000 of these mini decanters were issued depicting a leprechaun doing the Irish Jig.


In 1975 the remaining 3 pieces of the Series 2 were introduced. The first miniature decanter was the Mr. Saxophonist. Only 1000 of these minis were made showing the Saxophonist playing to a rabbit. Next the Mr. Guitarist was issued. There were 1500 Mr. Guitarist mini decanters made showing another rabbit. The last of the second series of mini decanters was the Mr. Policeman. 4000 of these minis were produced, and for the first time, it had a chipmunk on the decanter. The chipmunk would appear on most all of the future Mr. Lucky bottles produced by Hoffman Originals.


The next Newsletter will cover the Hoffman Original Mr. Lucky Series 3 mini leprechaun decanters.






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