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With both the Mr. Lucky Series 1 and 2 being so well received, Hoffman made plans for a third series of Mr. Lucky Leprechaun decanters. By now the chipmunk had also become an interagal part of the bottle design.


In 1976 Hoffman officially introduced a new third Mr. Lucky series with the release of the Mr. Bartender decanter. Like the first two series, 6 bottles were done in both the miniature and full size decanters.


The Mr. Bartender decanter consisted of 2500 bottles, and shows a bartender looking at a little chipmunk setting on a barstool. Next came the Mr. Fireman mini decanter. 3500 of these mini bottles were made showing a cute little chipmunk with a sign reading Prevent Forest Fires. This mini decanter really went over better than expected, and additional bottles were made to fill the demand.


The next bottle issued was the Mr. Mailman decanter. 2500 of these decanters were produced showing a leprechaun mailman thinking about what may be in a love letter he is delivering, while a chipmunk hides under the mailbag. Next is the scholarly Mr. School Teacher mini decanter. 2000 of these mini decanters were issued depicting a leprechaun teacher looking over a student taking a test. Beside the student is our friendly chipmunk with the answer sheet to the test.


In the Fall of 1976, the Mr. Blacksmith bottle was released. 1800 mini decanters were produced showing the chipmunk holding his ears against the noise of the blacksmith. Next, Mr. Stockbroker was the last of the series 3 decanters. Only 1500 of these mini bottles were produced showing the chipmunk holding on to a piece of stock ticker tape.


The next Newsletter will cover the Hoffman Original Mr. Lucky Series 4 mini leprechaun decanters.





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