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With three successful Mr. Lucky Series behind them, Hoffman did not produce any new Mr. Lucky mini Leprechaun decanters in 1977. They were busy making plans and new designs for a fourth series.


In 1978 Hoffman Original’s introduced a new Fourth Mr. Lucky series with the release of the Mr. Plumber mini decanter. Again, 6 bottles were done in both the miniature and full size decanters. By now the characters were beginning to look a little less like leprechauns. As with the Third Series of miniature decanters, the chipmunks were quite actively depicted in the bottle designs.


The Mr. Plumber decanter consisted of 1500 bottles, and shows a plumber looking at the little chipmunk. Next came the Mr. Electrician mini decanter. 1600 of these mini bottles were made showing the chipmunk on a stool helping the electrician with a tool.


In 1979 Hoffman Originals issued the Mr. Carpenter mini decanter as the 3rd bottle in this series. 2000 of these decanters were produced showing a carpenter working on a house and the chipmunk holding his toolbox. Next is the Mr. Mechanic mini decanter. 1500 of these mini decanters were made depicting a leprechaun working on a wagon. Inside the red wagon is our friendly chipmunk holding a wrench for the mechanic.


Later in the year, the Mr. Butcher mini decanter bottle was released. Just 1500 mini decanters were produced showing the chipmunk eating a link of sausage. Finally, Mr. Tailor was the last of the Fourth series of mini decanters. 2000 of these mini bottles were produced showing the chipmunk holding on to a scissors for the Tailor.


The next Newsletter will cover the Hoffman Original Mr. Lucky Series 5 mini leprechaun decanters.






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