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I hope that you have enjoyed the articles on the Hoffman Mr. Lucky Series so far. While the Mr. Lucky characters continue with their “impish” look, they are getting to look more human that look like leprecans. This was even more true when the Fifth Series of the Mr. Lucky mini decanters was introduced.


In 1980 Hoffman Original’s introduced a Fifth Mr. Lucky series with the release of the Mr. Photographer mini decanter. Once again, 6 bottles were done in both the miniature and full size decanters. This series would be the last of the Mr. Lucky Series. As with the previous Series of miniature decanters, the chipmunks again were very actively depicted on the bottle designs.


The Mr. Photographer decanter consisted of 2000 bottles, and shows a photographer getting ready to take a picture with the help of a chipmunk holding up a SMILE sign. Next came the Mr. Dentist mini decanter. 1500 of these mini bottles were made showing the hiding from the dentist under a cover with a little boy.


Next, the Mr. Barber mini decanter was the 3rd miniature bottle released in this series. 1500 of these decanters were produced showing a barber hard at work with our little chipmunk resting on the lab of the leprechaun getting his hair trimmed. Next is the Mr. Railroad Engineer mini decanter. 2300 of these mini bottles were made depicting a railroad engineer with his oilcan. At his feet is our friendly chipmunk holding a black railroad locomotive.


Later in 1980, the Mr. Farmer mini decanter bottle was released. 1500 mini decanters were produced showing a farmer grooming a pig which is setting in a chair. On the base, next to the pig, is a chipmunk holding a bar of soap for the farmer. The last of all the Mr. Lucky Series was the Mr. Tourist mini decanters. Only 750 of these mini bottles were produced a tourist along with his chipmunk companion who is also wearing a camera. Notice the looks of the Mr. Tourist character. He really didn’t look much at all like a leprechaun. This may be part of the reason for the poor reception by collectors, and the fact that no additional Mr. Lucky Series followed.


The next Newsletter will cover some of the additional Hoffman Original Mr. Lucky mini leprechaun decanter bottles that were issued by the collector club, or were not part of any of the five series.




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