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Up to this point you have seen all of the Hoffman Original’s Mr. Lucky Series mini decanters. The next several articles will concentrate on other Mr. Lucky mini decanters that were issued individually, and as part of the Hoffman Collectors Club.


The Hoffman National Collectors Club started in 1978, and lasted until about 1995.


Below are 4 mini decanter bottles that were introduced between 1978 and 1981.


From left to right, the first mini decanter was not really a bottle, but rather a back bar piece. The Mr. Lucky Backbar Set was issued in 1981. This piece was made in both the mini size, and the full size, and has a statue of Mr. Lucky with his arm around a bottle of Mr. Lucky Amaretto Liqueur. There were 2 unique things about this piece. First, there were only 250 minis made, which make this a very difficult to find piece. Second, this piece is the only one that includes a straight bottle of Hoffman Distillery brand Liquor. This is my second most prized Mr. Lucky piece.


The next mini decanter is a special issue Mr. Baker Anniversary bottle. It was put out in 1978 as an anniversary memento commemorating the birthday of Mr. Lucky. Only 950 of these mini decanters were made exclusively for the Hoffman National Collector Club Members. As you can see in the picture the friendly little chipmunk was there helping to celebrate.


In 1978, the Hoffman National Collector Club also introduced another special decanter to only it’s members. The Mr. Lucky Retired, became an immediate hit with all the members. 2500 of these mini decanters were made, and shows an older Mr. Lucky, with his feet up in his rocker, and the chipmunk fast asleep in his lap.


The last mini decanter is Mr. Organ Player. Some collectors have mistakenly called this a Piano Player, but it’s really an organ. The designers of this piece liked it so much that they released 750 of these mini decanters in 1979. Some collectors think the Mr. Organ Player and the Mr. Lucky Carolers are a set. They may look similar, but they were not designed or released as a set.


My next article will cover 5 more of the special issue Mr. Lucky Mini Decanters.





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