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This article will cover 5 of the special issue Mr. Lucky mini decanter bottles. All were produced and introduced between 1979 and 1989 by Hoffman Original’s, or by the Hoffman National Collector Club.


From left to right, the first mini decanter is Mr. Pilot. This mini decanter has the dubious honor of being the last Mr. Lucky miniature bottle ever produced by Hoffman. This mini decanter was introduced in 1989. Mr. Pilot ranks in the top 3 of all my Mr. Lucky mini Decanters. 3500 minis were produced, and show a debonair pilot having a drink at a bar. Sitting on his shoulder is our friendly chipmunk wearing his flight cap.


In1983, the Hoffman National Collector Club released the Mr. Fireman Retired mini decanter. 1500 of these minis were made, and show an older Mr. Fireman in his red hat & pants with a little boy holding a fire truck.


The next mini decanter was made especially for the First National Convention. 1500 of these mini decanters were issued for the first National Convention held in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1983. This convention was held at the Marriott Hotel in Sharonville (a suburb of Cincinnati), and was the 1st and the last National Convention held. I think Mark Twain had it right when se said “when the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati because everything happens last in Cincinnati”.


In 1982, the Hoffman National Collector Club also issued the Mr. Salesman mini decanter. Only 750 minis were produced showing a salesman holding a sign selling the 1st National Convention. Between his feet is the chipmunk wearing a green hat.

The last mini decanter is the Mr. Lucky Carolers. Like the Mr. Organ Player, the designers of this piece liked it so much that they released 750 of these mini decanters in 1979. As I mentioned in my last article, some collectors think the Mr. Organ Player and the Mr. Lucky Carolers are a set. They may look similar, but they were not designed or released as a set.


Only 4 more Mr. Lucky mini decanters left. I will show 3 of them in the Next Newsletter





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