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Three favorites of the Hoffman Original Mr. Lucky Mini Decanter collectors, are the 3 decanters shown below.


While all the previous Mr. Lucky Retired mini decanters were completely done in porcelain, these 3 decanters had porcelain figurines sitting on real wooden rocking chairs.


Since there were 5000 of each of these miniatures decanters made, they are somewhat common and if you look hard and long enough, you will be able to find one.


The first decanter is Mrs. Lucky Retired. She was introduced in 1981, and shows an older Mrs. Lucky with a coffee cup rocking in her chair with her friend, the chipmunk, sleeping in her lap.


The next mini decanter, also done in 1981, is the Mr. Lucky Retired bottle. This decanter shows a more aged Mr. Lucky in his rocking chair & smoking his pipe. Like Mrs. Lucky Retired, a chipmunk is also fast asleep in his lap.


The last bottle is the Mr. Policeman Retired mini decanter. This mini was introduced in 1986, and shows a retired policeman in his rocking chair, smoking his pipe, with a child holding a police car on his lap. This decanter was a favorite with the Cincinnati Police Department’s FOP organization. They bought a lot of these, so the Mr. Policeman Retired may be more difficult to find.


Only 1 more Mr. Lucky mini decanters left. Do you know what it is?






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