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As you can see, the last of the Hoffman’s Mr. Lucky leprechaun minis is Mr. Lucky & Norman Rockwell. I think this is the best decanter that Hoffman ever did, and this is definitely my favorite. It was issued in 1980, and was only done in one size. Although it stands 9 inches tall, & 6 inches wide at the base, the actual bottle (Mr. Lucky) is only 5 ½ inches, so this is classified as a mini decanter.


The porcelain Mr. Lucky & Rockwell decanter was made in Taiwan & shipped to the Hoffman Collectors Club in the USA. Unfortunately about 20% of the decanters were broken in shipment so, of the original 230 decanters produced, only about 180 to 185 bottles were ever issued to collectors. If you have one, consider yourself very lucky. This is really a rare mini decanter!


Here’s the real story behind the design of the bottle. The designer, Bill Ukraine, had 2 original Norman Rockwell paintings hanging in his home, & one of them depicted Rockwell painting an animal standing by his easel. One night Bill happened to look at the picture and came up with the idea to replace the animal with Mr. Lucky, and the Mr. Lucky & Norman Rockwell decanter was born.


Trying to find one of these decanters is very difficult. It seems that those who have them don’t want to let them go. Finding one that has not been broken or chipped is next to impossible. Due to the extremely fragile design, the most common break or chip points are the paintbrush, paint palette, Rockwell’s arm, and the water pitcher by the chair. Fortunately the one pictured is perfect!


Hope you enjoyed reading all the articles in this Hoffman series as much as I did putting it together. Thanks again to Ed Wertheimer for putting up with my questions and providing me with so much valuable information about all the bottles.




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